What were you doing when you were 18? Most of us were thinking of prom, graduation and possibly college. The last thing I was thinking of was changing the world. The same cannot be said for Robert Pierre. Robert has set out to change the world through his music. Check this out..

Not many kids hit adolescence with a record deal and huge youth tour—and still keep up their grades. Meet Robert Pierre, an Orlando teen with a big voice and an even bigger heart—a talented basketball player and high school student who has found his Identity, and who’s reaching out with the message that students don’t need to look to the world to define who they are.

I had the opportunity recently to hear 4 of the songs off of his soon-to-be released CD and Robert has found his gift. Now you can too. By clicking on this link,  you can stream 4 of Roberts songs thanks to NoiseTrade.com. You can also follow Robert on Facebook (HERE). In case you thought I was kidding about him being a good basketball player, check out these trick shots with his friends.

I look forward to hearing the whole CD and watching Robert’s career as he impacts this world for Christ.