Like most of the rest of the world, I’ve gotten my mileage out of the latest date the world will end. While I don’t mean to poke fun at this group as I’m sure they are firm in their convictions, I’m not putting all my eggs in that basket. It was during a run today that I started thinking…”what if”. I also started to think about what we should do on the 20th just to make sure all of the bases are covered.


How faithless is that last sentence? I felt so convicted. I still do. If I haven’t lived that way to this very moment, what makes me think I can cram for this “final exam”? If there are things I have left unsaid, why wait for some magical date to say them? If there are things I haven’t taught my children, what good will Friday be if the world is going to end on Saturday? Have you considered that? Are you like me?

Been holding off on a big decision…..make it!

Holding onto a hurt….let it go.

Things left unsaid…..say them

Need to spend time somewhere you haven’t been…..spend it.

Got some “business” to do with Jesus… it.

I’m confessing here to extend the “gift of going second“. Maybe you’ve been moving so fast too you haven’t realized theres still some things to do. Today would be that day.

Not tomorrow.

Not May 2oth.

The next breathing moment isn’t guaranteed. Life is so precious and time is so quick. Don’t put off today what must be done, or said.