Over-thinking It

I’ve realized something about myself the last few weeks. I am 100% guilty of “over-thinking” things. See, I pray for “open doors” and have been asking God to provide opportunities. Well so far, He’s been doing a pretty good job of that. If it was a street, the lights would all be green. Yet here I sit, over-thinking every part of that. I’m saying “but” and “what if” and “I’ll do it when”. So faithless. So shallow.

I ran into a good Pastor friend of mine the other day and he said it best “I want the faith of Peter”. Good call. When we read the account, Peter didn’t sit there on the edge of that boat and complicate the process. He said “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water”. (Matthew 14:28)

He did

and he did.


He asked

He got his opportunity

He walked on water.

I don’t want to over-think opportunities. I don’t want to put too many conditions and qualifications on God sized plans. I really want to live out of a place where I go until the road turns. In Peter’s case he “saw the wind” (Matthew 14:30).

Even then Jesus rescued him.

4 thoughts on “Over-thinking It

  1. Good thoughts, Aaron! I think most of us are guilty of over thinking, we’re quite talented at it because we practice so much! But don’t let your “what if’s” turn into “if only’s”. Could you rather ask “perhaps” (1 Samuel 14:6) or maybe “why not”? Remember God has more for us than we can ever imagine, and I know that’s what you want!

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