On December 17, 2006 I wrote a post called “I Have A Wait Problem“. It was, at that time, one of my most popular posts. I’m not talking about stats here but it was a reminder that I wasn’t alone in waiting. Well guess what….I STILL have a “wait problem”. Have I learned nothing? Did that process and several others since then teach me nothing? Apparently not.

Time will make all of these recent posts of mine make a whole lot of sense, but for now…we wait.

We’ve had our roots shaken…but for now, we wait

We prayed for open doors and a few opened…but for now, we wait.

We’ve tried not to over-think it….but for now, we wait.

There’s a perfectly good reason why we wait. We wait because God is God and I am not. His ways are better than my ways. His plan is falling into place before I could even put pen to paper. I often tell my wife that I want one thing written on my headstone…

“It’s never how you draw it up”.

It’s not and thank the Lord for that. My DNA is to dream, react, do, go, and then live with regret that I should have waited, planned, been patient and allowed everything to happen as it should. It’s never how you draw it up.

and so we wait…

and so I learn and hopefully grow a little more.

Maybe I’ll finally conquer my “wait problem”.