Do you use twitter? If so, do I follow you? Do you follow me? I’m just curious. Often when I run into people out and about, they will say “so I heard you were (insert something I said on twitter here)”. I’m often caught off guard because I didn’t know we were “friends” on twitter. Then the conversation usually goes to how often I “tweet”, to which I usually reply –

I get that a lot…

Let me make a few quick observations/confessions.

1. I use twitter A LOT.

2. I do try to monitor the amount of tweets, but don’t really apologize for my overuse.

3. I was an “early adopter” of twitter so the number of tweets represents several years of use.

Now that those are out of the way, let me explain WHY I use twitter and “get that a lot”. While I don’t know who reads this, or what they do every day, I know me. I know that I don’t go to an office, lunch dates, or other places where you would have common conversations every day. Most people spend their day at the office, around the water cooler, at a meeting, in a boardroom, with other neighbors, talking. Somewhere each one of us builds a community of people. We interact with them each day…most of the time in person.

I don’t.

I spend a majority of my time in a home office. The only person I might “chat” with is our dog Wubzzy. As to not become like Tom Hanks in “Cast Away” and start talking to inanimate objects…I use twitter. Through twitter, I have had the blessing of connection with people across the United States. I count many of them as friends. Not “friends” in the facebook sense, but true, valued, loved friends. The kind of friends that you pray with, pray for, and pray for you. The kind of friends that check in on you, rejoice with you and mourn with you. Hopefully I do the same. This is why I don’t apologize for my twitter use. Without it, I’d be somewhat lost. It is my community and why I get that a lot…