In my previous post, I mentioned that there are 2 churches near and dear to my heart. The second of those 2 churches is Journey Church in Columbus, Ohio. This Sunday is an exciting event in the life of Journey Church. All over the city, members of Journey Church will take part in what is being called a “One Day Serve”. Simply stated, this is an opportunity to serve the members, friends, neighbors and community of Journey Church.

Beginning at 7am on Sunday morning, teams from Journey will serve at the Relay for Life in Hilliard and the Greenswell 5K in Dublin. After a brief morning service, several teams will head out from our location at Dublin Recreation center to do yard work, painting, and other projects. Each of the projects can be found (HERE).

Look for a follow up video and slideshow soon with stories from this event. We believe that working together, side-by-side, to serve our community and one another will impact everyone on so many levels. Can’t wait to hear the stories and how God used this event to touch the lives of those we served and those WHO served.