Blind Runner

The older I get the more I realize I have a lot in common with “Uncle Rico” from the movie Napolean Dynamite. I don’t live in a van or sell tupperware, but there is one thing we have in common…

The desire to have a time machine

While Uncle Ricco always wanted to go back to 1982 (which wouldn’t be all that bad by the way), I would like to use mine to move ahead about 6 months. Just for a quick “look-see”. I promise I wouldn’t stay. Especially if I didn’t like what I saw there. Wouldn’t it be cool though?

Because I hate waiting

I want answers. I want to know how this is all going to turn out NOW. I want to know the who, the what, the where, the when and the why.

But here is what I have come to realize. The waiting is what reminds us that we are utterly dependent on God. We are in His plan. We are actors in His production. He’s the director and producer.

Last year I ran in the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon. Somewhere around mile 9, I came up on two runners that were running pretty slow. I noticed one of them had an orange construction-like vest on. In big black letters it read “Blind Runner”. As I made my way past them, I noticed that the runner with the vest on was holding a rope and guiding the blind runner along the path. He was utterly dependent on her guidance.

The pace

The twists and turns

The entire course.

All the way to the finish line.

While I can’t have a time machine, I am learning to be utterly dependent on God’s guidance. Like that blind runner, I know that He will guide me to the finish line at His pace.

5 thoughts on “Blind Runner

    1. Dude…how appropriate was that article? Great find. I love the similarities. “It’s all about trust”. Scary how much that is what it’s like when we’re living by faith. Thanks for putting even more into this analogy and post.

  1. Oh how I needed to read this post at this very moment. Thank you for the gentle yet impactful reminder.

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