I’ve never been accused of being boring or sitting still in one place for too long. My good friend Clay once said I was the “King of Restless”. Accurate and appropriate. My mind races 100 mph and to say I am a bit of a dreamer is an understatement. I’m not talking about the nocturnal REM sleep and dreams. I mean the ideas and hopes of something better, different and new. More often than not, I get really caught up in those dreams and actually believe they will happen. So I guess it’s also true that I have become indifferent and numb to the times…

When dreams die.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not very good at it and I grieve each time one doesn’t come true. Especially the ones that seemed so real, so true and like all the right doors were opening to make them happen. There is, without a doubt, a time of grief as I let go of that dream.

Maybe it was my dream and not in the best interest of my entire family

Maybe it was my dream and not Gods will

Maybe the dream and the timing are not in sync

Whatever the reason, whatever the purpose, the dream died. It ended almost as quickly as it came to mind. The excitement of possibilities ended and now there is a void. There is a return to “normal”. I’m no Tony Robbins. I’m not some big inspirational speaker but I have learned one important thing…

Keep dreaming.

When we stop dreaming, we accept the same-same. We stop moving forward. We start being okay with okay. I want more. I want to always challenge the same-same to make sure there isn’t something else. It’s how I’m wired and why I will ALWAYS

keep dreaming….