I was out for a night run tonight which usually leads to some great “thinking time” and doing business with God. Coming off of a week long vacation, you would think I might have done enough of that already, but I’m still thinking. I’m thinking a lot. I’m praying a lot. I’m discerning and waiting.

But I know what I want.

I want to spend my days working for a greater cause.

I want to rise knowing what I will do that day moved whomever I am doing it for a little closer to a greater goal.

I want to lead the charge to take a hill.

I want to lead with integrity and not lose my soul doing it.

I want what I am doing and what I am leading to, in some way, change the world.

I don’t want titles or accolades.

I don’t want credit or glory.

I simply want to advance the Kingdom.

Now lets GO!!