Remarkably, it is 9:00pm on Sunday night and the kids are in bed, the clothes are put away and it looks like we never left for vacation over a week ago. I have to start by thanking my good friend “D-Rich” for surprising us with a freshly cut lawn. Words don’t describe how nice it was to pull into to the front yard and not see the grass “knee high by July”. Big, big thanks!

We had an absolutely wonderful vacation. I’m sure some folks followed along on twitter throughout the week so there’s not a whole lot more to add. I left our home early on Saturday morning with a whole lot on my mind and shoulders. By the time we got to Chapel Hill early Saturday evening, that weight was already starting to lift and the knots my mind was in started to untangle. It was great to spend a few short hours at UNC and soak in my favorite place on the planet. Sunday morning it was off to the Outer Banks (Corolla specifically).

We spent a week in the sun, on the beach, at the pool and just investing in one another as a family.

We laughed…a lot.

We ate…a lot.

We got burned.

We swallowed a lot of salt water.

We loved on one another and made lasting memories.

One of the silliest but most fun highlights of the week for “the boy” and I was trying out some crazy shots from all over the house. I have no video evidence, but “the boy” did witness me sink a long shot from the second deck of the house on my 4th try. The neighbors also heard us go crazy when it happened. We did take some time to record several other shots the next day.


As you can see, we had a great time. I know that within the next 2 weeks, life is going to get REALLY interesting. You’ll have to stay tuned just like I am for the answers to those questions. Until then, I’m going to soak in the fun that was the past week.

and that shot I made. (Honestly…I really did…)