As a leader, how do you handle adversity when it strikes your team? As a Dad, how do you lead in the midst of uncertainty? While the image to the right is in NO WAY the same as the challenges that you and I might face every day, I think we can learn a lot from the moment. My guess is that as you read this, you remember where you were when this snapshot in time took place.

The United States had been attacked

People were on edge and uncertain of their future.

We needed to know it was going to be alright. It would end well.

Out to the mound walked President George W. Bush. Baseball in hand, fans chanting “U.S.A, U.S.A”. Two teams about to play each other for a World Series stood united on the field. Fans from all over stood united together. Seeing our President risk his own personal safety to make a statement by throwing a ball gave us approval. It let us know that it was going to be alright.

As a Dad, I believe it is our challenge to lead on. In the midst of uncertainty for our family we must be the one to take the hill, face the risk, throw out the pitch and show the calm. Though internally we might be as scared as you and I were watching President Bush that night, we must believe it will all end well and lead on…