Posts have been a little too serious lately. So for some odd reason, I felt compelled to share with all of you not one, but two of my biggest pet peeves. I mean, if you want to really get under my skin, this is it. The book is open and I’m sharing my deepest, most honest moment here. First and probably THE BIGGEST pet peeve to me is this…

Bare feet on the dashboard of my car.

It doesn’t matter whose feet they are, how clean they are, how nice they look, I HATE feet on my dashboard. If you really want to send me over the edge, let the feet touch the windshield. I will most likely pull over right there and drop you off, or I might just push you out of the moving vehicle (not really but you get the idea). Drives. Me. Crazy.

Pet peeve number two also deals with feet. Here’s the scenario. After a long day, I go to my sock drawer and put on a nice, soft, dry, clean pair of socks. As I walk through the house I somehow find a wet spot of carpet from:

A) The girls not drying off after their shower

B) A random ice cube that was left on the floor in the kitchen

C) Wubzzy (this doesn’t happen now that he’s house trained).

Dry, clean socks instantly ruined by some spot left by someone else. Now I have to waste a perfectly good pair of socks and go through the process of getting another pair. The worst is when you go through that and then step on said stealth wet carpet or tile spot AGAIN.

Drives. Me. Crazy.

What makes you crazy?