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Soon and very soon….

On a Saturday in April, my wife and I sat at a little cafe just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.  For the second year in a row, we were in Nashville to take part in the Country Music Half Marathon. For the second time in as many years we talked about how we left a small part of our hearts there. It was a perfect day with temperatures in the 80’s and a gentle breeze. As we sat on the outdoor patio, we talked and maybe even dreamed about what life would be like…in Nashville. We agreed to pray for open doors.

Fast forward to today. Out of respect for a process that continues to take place and in order to be sensitive to all involved, I need to leave out specific details here. That being said, on Saturday, we will board a flight bound for Nashville, Tennessee. On the other end of that flight will be discussions and a process of getting to know some people that will be instrumental in either opening or closing doors to Nashville for my entire family. Simply put, if the doors remain open, we will walk through them…all the way to Nashville. If, at any point, the doors close, we will trust Gods timing and plan and continue to live, serve and grow in Columbus, Ohio.

I have a feeling this post will come as a shock to some, but not to many. Our prayers for open doors have been what one friend called “the worst kept secret”. I will say the opportunity we are flying down to discuss is wonderful. I will also say that to even be in a position to have this opportunity is ALL GOD. I have nothing to do with the events which have led us to this trip. All I know to do is continue to walk through the doors He has clearly opened. Leaving the safe, the known, the same would never be easy. However when you trace Gods hand, you can’t miss His fingerprints. When you align the opportunity with our hearts, there is no doubt a match.

Nothing is known. But soon and very soon we will know. If the answer is “no”, I am a man that is so humbled and honored to even have been given the opportunity. No regrets. Chasing a dream, seeing Gods hand, growing in my walk with Him and meeting some incredible people is nothing to be ashamed of. While I have my hopes and dreams as to outcomes and potential, I trust God. I place my full future, and that of my family, in His very capable hands.

We will board a flight Saturday with Arms Wide Open. Soon and very soon, we’ll have an idea of Gods plan and future for us.

Stay tuned……


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  • Vicki · August 2, 2011

    So excited for you guys! I’m so glad you are turning door knobs to see what doors are unlocked for you! “No regrets”, great attitude to have! Can’t wait to hear where God is taking you!


    • aaron · August 3, 2011

      Thank you Vicki. It’s been easier when we could follow the lead of others that have stepped out of the boat like you and Tom did. So encouraged to hear the great stories and developments from your journey as well. We’ll keep you posted.

  • cj · August 2, 2011

    Good Luck! And you know bipartisan prayers are coming your way from me!

    • aaron · August 3, 2011

      Thanks CJ. I appreciate the prayers either way. It’s an honor that people are torn on which way to pray. I just pray “thy will be done”.

  • Erin · August 2, 2011

    So glad you are documenting this journey God has called you and your family on. How cool will it be when you see the results of God’s leading no matter what the outcome of this weekend. Enjoy the trip!

    • aaron · August 3, 2011

      Thank you Erin. No matter the outcome is correct. We’re at peace no matter what happens. It’s not to say there won’t be disappointment either way, but knowing we followed Gods leading will help to ease the transition.

  • Darren W Carter · August 3, 2011

    My longtime friend and brother in Christ, a bond that eclipses all, just your faith alone and willingness to accept the will of God in either outcome is a testament of what’s truly in your heart. Of course its my hope things go the way you desire. And my prayers will be that His will is done on your behalf.
    Love you my friend. And I appriciate the Christ in you!

    • aaron · August 3, 2011

      Too kind Darren. I hope, no matter what the journey or situation, people see the Christ in me. Thank you for your prayers and partnership. More to come!!

  • Rachel Wojnarowski · August 3, 2011

    I somewhat begrudgingly hit the like button for this post. :) many prayers and much love for you and yours.

    • aaron · August 3, 2011

      Totally understand Rachel. Thanks for your prayers and partnership throughout this process. It has meant the world to us both. I know you understand, probably more than most. I know this will all end well. For ALL of us ;)

  • Ryan Grammatico · August 4, 2011

    The worst of all of this will be that you two have been incredible examples of faith to your kids. Either outcome allows space for God to continue to do some massive things through your family. Praying heavily. And for that…I am honored.

    • aaron · August 4, 2011

      Thanks my friend. Interesting how we’re both transitioning through various journeys. I continue to pray for yours as well. One of these days we’ll sit on the beach and tell great stories about Gods faithfulness.

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