This past weekend my wife and I had the privilege of spending a few brief moments with Carlos Whittaker. Now (please don’t miss this), while Los is “all of that and a bag of chips”, I am honestly not name dropping here. Actually, that’s kinda the point of this entire post.This isn’t about meeting Carlos, it’s about something he said. Carlos used 3 simple words to describe some of the incredible experiences in his life which I firmly believe as well. 3 simple words which I haven’t been able to put on why I too have lived a crazy filled life.

“Stepping Into It”

The context was this…I simply asked Los to tell us about the incredible “God of Second Chances” moment he had with a homeless man. He explained the scenario in which it took place, as well as his appearance on LA Ink and said “it’s all about stepping into it”.


The list of “Bucket List” items I have crossed off in this lifetime is seriously crazy. I have lived a full life. I’m in no way bragging. I wish that for every single person I meet. Los had the key to it too…you have to step into it. You might enter your name in 1000 drawings and never win one. You might attend hundreds of events and never meet someone that will change your life. You might take 100 shots and miss them all.

But what if you don’t?

We all want miracles and then spend our lives avoiding the context in which miracles happen. When we seize those divine moments, even though we recognize that we are inadequate for the challenge before us, we experience the power and wonder of God.

-Erwin McManus (Chasing Daylight)

What if you “step into it” and hit that game winner, win 1 contest, meet an influencer in your life? Was it worth the 999 you didn’t win? You bet it is! If we’re not careful we can watch our entire lives pass by because we don’t think we’ll be the one chosen. Don’t miss it. Trust me..don’t miss “stepping into it”.

Thanks Los.