So…how did it go? That is a question I have answered several times since returning home late Monday night. It’s my fault. You can’t pull the pin on a grenade and then not expect to have some answers or ideas as to what to do next. While I’d rather just continue to let this process…process, I do owe you all some information. I’m honored that you’re all watching, waiting, praying and anticipating what’s next. The short answer is this…

I don’t know either.

Here’s what I know. My wife and I are richer today from the 3 days we spent in Nashville. No, we didn’t play the slots or win the lottery. I mean our journey and our lives are richer today from the people we met in “Music City”. We shared meals and conversations with some incredible people. People of faith. People with unbelievable vision, talent and gifts. People that shared stories about their journey and the twists and turns of life. People committed to one another and community. It was inspiring and life giving.

I also know that no matter what the future holds, I have no regrets. While we live our lives here, we will await decisions from there. We do so having created new friendships which I already treasure. The next page is not ready to be written yet so we’ve got pen to paper and await whatever those words might be. Until then, we’ll enjoy the ride, cherish the new friendships and dream about what’s next.

Stay tuned…..