You know how a lot of parents go on facebook, twitter and blogs and talk about their kids starting school for another year? Well, I won’t do it. I just won’t.

I won’t talk about how this is the last year all 3 will be in the same school.

I won’t reflect on how my son went from┬ákindergartner┬áto the 5th grade big man on campus.

I won’t repost “Let That Pony Run” and I won’t repost “The White Horse

I won’t reflect on what a great summer it was and what a great age our kids are.

I won’t talk about how much I’ll miss the daily knock at the door of our 6 yr old for a welcomed interruption.

I won’t talk about how proud I am of WHO they are vs. their accomplishments.

I won’t go into how much credit their mom deserves for WHO they are.

Tomorrow morning I’ll take the girls hands and the 5 of us will walk to school together.

I’ll take a moment after they disappear into a sea of children to pray over their school, their teachers and their circle of influence.

I’ll pray that they’ll defend the one who needs it, love the ones who crave it and befriend those others won’t.

I’ll pray they respect the authority while leading others to do the same.

I’ll thank God that he has entrusted these three incredible children into our care.

But I won’t do a big post about another school year.

I just won’t do it.