I love analogies. They seem to make real life situations more understandable (for me at least). With that in mind, let me give you some idea of my day-to-day grind, using this simple analogy.

In my hand I hold 3 balloons which represent 3 different futures for our family. Each morning, I get up, untie them from the night stand and carry them with me. All day I hold those balloons and ponder which one we will be left with.

One balloon represents the current. It’s a balloon we know well. It’s familiar.

One balloon represents a dream we’ve been chasing. It’s our favorite.

One balloon represents a complete unknown.

Each day the winds of change blow and I can feel the dream balloon slipping from my hands. I want so desperately to hold it but the other two need attention too. If I let them go and the dream goes too, I’m left with nothing.

If I let go of the dream balloon and keep the current, I don’t know how long it will last. I’ve had it a long time and am highly concerned about it’s ability to sustain. It’s been a great balloon, but nothing lasts forever.

If I hang onto the unknown balloon while the dream and current slip away, there could be real danger. It’s completely unknown. It could have a short shelf life.

The reality is that my hand is tired. I’ve held these balloons for a long time and they feel like they are slipping away. With each passing day, the tension in my grip gets a little less strong. It’s breaking down. It’s weakening. Only the future will tell which one, if any of these remains. One thing is for sure….

I feel all three slipping away.