I had a thought today while I was cleaning off my iPhone. Obviously there was a lot of chatter last week about the resignation of Steve Jobs from Apple. I don’t worry about Apple, I’m sad for Steve Jobs. His health is a tragic story and for that I’m sad. But that isn’t what this post is about. It’s about a revolution. It’s about changing the world. One man, or so many people believe, started a revolution.

As I sat there wiping off the back of my iPhone it hit me that one man with a vision CAN change the culture. Yet it wasn’t ONE MAN, it was thousands of employees. It was engineers, marketers, advertisers and people committed to carrying out a vision. It was people just like you and me that sold out and literally inspired an entire revolution of a once left-for-dead company. When I worked in the tech industry, Apple was a punchline. The “Apple Guy” was the whipping boy. Who’s laughing now?

What am I saying? Just pause and think about it. One man with a mission and vision. Hundreds of thousands of people sold out to that vision. Everyday people like you and me committed to making that vision a reality….and it literally changed the world.

What a concept.