I’m not sure when it all started, but over the years, I have really enjoyed seeing how so many churches “do church”. I like hearing their story and gaining an understand of how they plan to approach this process differently. I am honored to call many of the Pastors “friend” and watch as they grow their churches. I love that many of them know each other, have met each other and shared their visions as well.

It’s all about the Kingdom

My wife and I met with one such friend a few months ago. Being the small world that it is, we actually had several mutual friends and attended the same college. After hearing their story we have been cheering them on as they plan to launch a church in Gahanna, Ohio in January. I just know my friends are going to make a difference in that city and ultimately effect THE city of Columbus, Ohio too.

Which is the point of my post. In speaking with my friend Dax, he mentioned that they are holding tryouts THIS THURSDAY for musicians and singers to be a part of their praise and worship team. The tryouts will be held at 104.9 The River in Gahanna, Ohio. The name of their church is Epic Church and they launch in January. Even though we won’t be attending this church, we’re big fans. Please pass the word if you know anyone that might be interested in trying out to be a part of this special ministry in Gahanna.