If you’ve followed this bouncing ball blog for the past 6 months, you know that we’ve been on a pretty interesting journey. We were “this close” to packing it all up and relocating to Nashville, Tennessee for a completely new career. We followed each open door until one finally closed. I might have had my hand on the handle to help close the final door, but it closed nonetheless. I’ll never forget that day. I’ll never forget that moment. I hung up that phone and looked out my office window and said..

“Now what?”

Within an hour, one of the largest questions we had was answered in the form of something that came in the mail. A few days later, an opportunity to open our home to a family in need arose. We got back to life as we knew it before the 6 month journey of discovery with Nashville ever happened. My left-for-dead program has been revived and is showing signs of life. I didn’t make a list of “now what” concerns, but if I would have, they would all have a check mark and answer beside them.

Career, Church, commitments and new opportunities have all been answered in just 4 short weeks. It’s a confirmation that, as the song says, “greater things are still to come in THIS city.” Almost daily I am again falling in love with a city that I thought we were going to have nothing but a memory of. It’s refreshing. It’s exciting. It’s life giving.

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to have lunch with my wife. As we sat on the outdoor patio of an area Chipotle, we ran into half a dozen people we know. It was a reminder of why we’re here and who we’re here for. One of them said “Man, I’m glad you’re still here”. I couldn’t help but agree with him. Not because I wouldn’t run to Tennessee in a heartbeat if the opportunity presented itself, but because I think we’ve got work to do. I think “greater things have yet to come”.

As I typed this, there was just a knock at the door. One of the moms of a child that goes to our kids school just stopped by. She needed someone to drop off a bag for her daughter because she has a sleeping child at home and can’t get there. Just another reminder. Just another opportunity.

I love this city.