Interesting choice of poster this week for the People of The Second Chance “Never Beyond” series. I am so thankful to be a part of this blogger network and team but I have to be honest and say I was stumped on this one. Jaws? Really? Then I thought about Bethany Hamilton. You know, the girl from “Soul Surfer“? You know, the girl that lost her arm to a shark while surfing? Grace. Elegance. Beauty. Strength. Bethany Hamilton.

As I reflected on Bethany and her inspiring life in the shadows of a tragedy that would have shut most of us down, I remembered a line from a movie my kids watched called “Kit Kittredge“. Kit’s dad gave her some great advice as she faced tough times.

“Don’t let it beat you”.

While it’s not earth shattering or extremely deep, it is great advice. Bethany didn’t let that shark beat her. There are people in hospitals all over this round rock fighting, almost to the minute to not let it beat them. There are people fighting addictions. There are husbands and wives fighting to save their marriages. There are single moms fighting to hold their family together. There are single dads fighting to do the same. The list goes on and on. If you’re reading this, I bet it’s safe to say, you’re fighting something too.

Don’t let it beat you

I’m not saying there won’t be scars. I’m not saying there won’t be pain or even that you will win. But don’t stop fighting. Your battle could be the platform for which God will launch an incredible story. Remember Bethany. Remember what she lost. Remember what she has won.

Don’t let it beat you.