When I was a wee little child (maybe not THAT small….) I remember tying a yellow ribbon around the tree in our front yard. We did this to represent a welcome home to those returning from being held hostage in Iran. I will never forget seeing the streets lined with yellow ribbons welcoming them home. This morning, the final military vehicle rolled out of Iraq. The last troops are finally coming home.

Where’s the party?

Maybe I am missing it, but are there parties taking place or have we as a nation become so consumed with other things that we are forgetting our heroes? Have we forgotten that, regardless of your thoughts on the war, these individuals left their families, their careers and their homeland to protect and fight for the USA. While we sat around our Christmas trees in years past, they sat around a hummer, tank, or post. We owe them so much. The least we can do is show a little gratitude.

Again, maybe I’ve missed it. Maybe the celebrations are happening all over the USA. If so, I might recommend we have a little less Kardashian, Lohan, Beiber and a little more coverage of those that defend this country. Is that asking too much?