2012 WILL be, without a doubt, a year of changes. For this guy at least. I have seen many of these changes coming down the tracks for awhile now. Some of the biggest changes have yet to arrive, but should start to fall in place in the next few weeks. Like dominos, they will all begin to fall and effect other things. I know this sounds cryptic, but it’s all good. If 2011 taught me anything, it was patience and contentment in whatever God has planned. I am 100% sincere in those words as I type them. If you know me at all, you know those lessons did not come easily.

Another thing I have felt is a need to press pause from the social media scene for a bit. I need a break. It’s no ones fault as you are as involved or uninvolved as you choose to be in the social media world. I’ve chosen to be active and I think, maybe, I’ve had enough. I need to step away for awhile. I need to appreciate the beauty of social media and stop being annoyed by others use of it. It has gotten to the point where reading the twitter feed and Facebook stream have actually gotten under my skin. Rather than be judgmental, or leave comments that will set off brush fires, I can choose to just logout. It really is that simple.

This site is still going to be here as I have reviews that need to be done and I am beyond thankful for the many opportunities this blog provides to do so. In other places, other sites, you will probably see less and less of me for awhile. The significant changes that are coming will most likely impact my “online time” as well. The web is a fascinating place that makes the world very small. Our connectivity is incredible. I cherish that and will continue to keep those lines of communication open. Thanks for reading, supporting and following the journey. Check back every now and again for reviews and such. Have a blessed and Happy 2012.