Tis the season… With the Super Bowl just a few short weeks away, I have an opportunity for those interested to possibly win some cash while sponsoring the Hilliard Red Baron’s baseball team. Because I’m not really smart enough to understand how this whole thing works, see the link below for the full details of how it’s going to run. This much I know, it’s $20 to get a square and you have a chance to win $200 each quarter. Not a bad return on your investment.

All of the proceeds of this fundraiser go directly to your Back-to-Back Big League Champion Hilliard Red Barons baseball team. We love our Red Barons and cannot wait for another exciting summer of baseball. Click the link below to download the full description of the contest and EMAIL ME if you are interested in signing up. Thanks in advance for supporting the Red Barons and especially Number 50.

Super Bowl Squares FundRaiser Official Details