A “Guardrail” is a personal standard or behavior that becomes a matter of conscience.

Week 4

Title: Avoiding Spiritual Drift

Scripture: Daniel 1:1-21

It is the natural flow of life to drift.

Wherever in my life I am not living intentionally, the natural result is entrophy.

Regardless of whether or not I have guardrails in my life, the tension I experience is not going away.

Wherever I decide to put on the brakes, that will be my point of tension.

Compromise doesn’t erase the tension, it only weakens my resolve.

Daniel 1:8 says that Daniel resolved.

The “Now God” factor is that God will use the guardrails I established in my life not only to protect me, but to direct me.

The defining moments in life are often the moments when we resolve in our heart to establish a guardrail and draw a line in the sand.

Proverbs 11:3 the integrity of the upright guides them.