You all know I love music. I always have. In music I find the soundtrack of life. My musical taste is all over the place. My iTunes is filled with everything and no genre is untouched. It defines us. It sets the pace for our culture. That is why the loss of an icon like Whitney Houston shakes us. We remember where we were when we heard her songs. We remember the famous Star Spangled Banner performance from the Super Bowl.

That is why last night is so disturbing. Along with many other twitter friends, I watched the Grammy Awards. We exchanged thoughts and commentary across the web throughout the evening. Adele stole the show with her return performance and lack of over-the-top theatrics. Just her voice. Just her talent. Jennifer Hudson showed remarkable poise and courage as she sang “I Will Always Love You” to honor Whitney Houston. Then it happened….

As the show entered its final hour, Nicki Minaj put on a performance that, in my opinion, went way too far. It wasn’t about talent or lyrics. What we witnessed was a scene created to disturb us. From Catholic priests, to demon possession and an exorcism, it played out before our eyes. To be honest, I couldn’t believe it. How could an evening that was, for the most part a celebration, turn into something so evil?

I’m not here to get on a religious soap box. But I do wonder what this does to us. What does this define about our culture? Have we now pushed the acceptable a little further into the darkness? The first time it’s a shock. The next time it’s acceptable. Then someone feels they must push that line even further. I understand that this is “art” but I don’t believe it’s what God intended. He has given these artists remarkable talents and gifts. Their songs are marking moments in our lives.

Last night is one I wish I could erase.