Late Saturday night, just prior to going to bed, I heard the strangest sound. I knew the washer was running, but this was different. After checking several places, I landed in front of said washer. Sure enough, the sound was coming from inside it. It was just finishing it’s cycle so I opened the door and began to load the clothes in the dryer. That’s when I saw it….

My daughters iPod touch (2nd Generation)…

iPods were not made to go through the washer.

After a few words that won’t be repeated here, I began to get as creative as I could at 12:30am. Since everyone else in the house was sleeping with visions of iTunes dancing in their heads, I had to be stealth. I also knew that my next few decisions would be critical. Like anyone in panic mode, the first thing I did was try to power it up (note: EVERY guide I have seen says DO NOT attempt to power it up). To the surprise of no one, it didn’t power on. I actually think I heard it laugh and me but I’m not positive about that.

For as long as there have been portable devices, there has been a wives tale about putting them in rice. So, guess what I did next…you bet your Apple I filled a bag with rice and buried the iPod touch deep inside. 24 hours, a hair dryer and some other things I am too embarrassed to admit that I tried…we did get the screen to appear. It’s not totally dead.

As of the typing of this post, the iPod touch is alive but only with the help of a plug into the wall. I can almost hear a faint beep…beep….beep with the pulse monitor to go with it. When I unplug it, it dies. The iMac won’t recognize or power it, only the wall charger. So unless Princess 1.0 wants to walk around with a REALLY long extension cord, I’m still searching, testing and applying every idea I can find. My obsessive-compulsive nature will not let me declare it a paperweight without fixing it. I also think it signed a DNR when we bought it but I can’t find the paperwork….

To be continued……