It’s no secret I love music. Our Pastor was making an analogy yesterday and asked the crowd who liked various genre’s of music (Country, 80’s, 90’s). I should have just left my hand up in the air because I like it all. My iTunes is a crazy concoction of just about everything you can imagine. It’s actually a rather scary place. That’s why his analogy and sermon hit pretty close to home. Especially this quote:

Real Faith refuses to bow down when the music plays.

Now before you think that my Pastor is saying that we shouldn’t bow when the tunes come on, he was referring to Shadrach, Meshach and Abendego and their refusal to bow under King Nebuchadnezzer’s command. He was also referring to REAL FAITH and what it means to believe in the midst of the chaos around us. He made the point that the enemy of our faith wants desperately to distract us, discourage us and knock us off track. The easiest way to do this is to crank up the music (our vices, our weaknesses, our stumbling blocks) and watch us take a knee under the pressure.

Guilty as charged…

So how about you? What is the “music” in your life and are you bowing to it? Are you like the three men that said “no” and stepped into a furnace heated 7 times hotter for their destruction? Today, commit to not buckling under the sound of the music and distractions. Be courageous. Be bold. Because normal isn’t working….