I’ve said it here before, but my kids LOVE the What’s In The Bible series. Thanks to the DVD entertainment system in our van (where were those when we were kids?), they can often be heard laughing and giggling to one of their hilarious DVDs. So I’m pumped today to let you know about “Michael’s Road Trip Pack” available today from What’s In The Bible. If you’ve got little ones and a road trip, this is a must have!

Michael’s Road Trip Pack is a fun filled 13 pages of entertainment and activities to keep the little ones busy. Included in each pack are coloring pages, finger puppets, crossword puzzles and a Road Trip Search. Also included are $5 coupons for Vol. 1 of the What’s In The Bible DVD series. Here are all of the details:

  • Everyone who joins our email list through the link below will be sent Michael’s Road Trip Pack. They’ll receive an email to download the pak within 24 hours of signing up.
  • Signing up also gives you a chance to win 1 of 8 $25 gas cards.
  • Sign up ends at noon central time on Friday, May 25.  Winners will be announced on our Facebook page that afternoon and notified by email.

That’s it! Check it out today. You’re kids will thank you for it and your upcoming road trip will be a little more entertaining. Click the link below and thanks to “What’s In The Bible” for thinking of us parents!

Click for your free “Michael’s Road Trip Pack”