A few weeks ago I received an email that came as a complete shock. The email stated the following:

Because your voice is such an inspiration and a resource for so many central Ohio parents, we (Nationwide Children’s Hospital) would be honored if you would accept an exclusive invitation to be one of the first parents in central Ohio to tour Nationwide Children’s new 12-story main hospital.

After your tour, you’ll have lunch with a panel of three of the most respected pediatric health care professionals in the region: a child nutritionist, a child psychologist and a pediatrician from Nationwide Children’s. You’ll have their full attention as we all discuss common pediatric health questions such as, the best home remedies for ear infections, how your child’s diet may affect their performance in school and life and, how to combat bullying on the playground.

My first response was “are you sure you’ve got the right guy?” It is rare that we have an open Saturday, but luckily we’ve been able to clear the calendar enough for me to attend this special event. I am really looking forward to this. What a true honor to get an early premier of a world class facility right here in our great city. Look for tweets on Saturday with updates from the tour and questions from the panel. Thank you Nationwide Children’s Hospital for this fun opportunity.

Question: If you had this opportunity, what would you ask the health care professionals? I’d love your recommendations and will do my best to ask the questions you submit. 

For more about this amazing new facility, check out their web page (HERE)