I’m color blind

I have male pattern baldness

My ears stick out like open car doors

I have an zero attention span

The length of my torso and the length of my legs don’t match

I have a tooth that my wife refers to as my “midget tooth”

I never reached 6 feet tall, but my feet are sized 12.

I have an awful time finding jeans because my waist and, well, my “seat” don’t match.

I could go on and on and on and on, but you know what…according to Psalm 139:14, I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Let me repeat that, fearfully and wonderfully made. I was crafted just the way I am. All the scars. All the idiosyncrasies. All the strange quirks and habits. Each one by design. Each one carved long before I ever entered this world. Ever struggle with who you are? Ever wonder why you can’t beat your weaknesses?

Rest in this…..

You were fearfully and wonderfully made and people love you..