I’m a week late on this one, but I can’t seem to let it go. Funny how that happens. I actually blame my entire family. Last weekend as I was sitting around celebrating Father’s Day with my Dad and Father-in-law, the question came out of nowhere. After laughing hysterically, then being pretty direct in my response, it was clear I was losing this argument. Each of my objections were met with swift responses. It was like an unplanned intervention but the subject was positive. So here was the question…..

“When are YOU going to write a book?”

What? Me? A Book? Hilarious. “The world doesn’t need another book” was my first response. “What the heck would I write about?” was my second response. “Who would read the thing?” was my third response. For a question that came out of nowhere I was actually coming up with responses quicker than I thought. We all discussed it for awhile then I thought the issue was dead. I was wrong. It came up at least three more times before the evening was over. I wasn’t getting out of this one easily.

So all last week I kept pondering “the question” and I still don’t have any reason to write a book. The camp that mentioned said book think I should package posts from this blog and get it published. I am of the camp that it would be just another book sitting on a shelf. The best title I could come up with would be “A Book About Nothing” since that’s exactly what it would be. It wouldn’t be a self help book because I can’t even help myself. I’m pretty sure I would cause more than one editor to want to resign because I abuse most rules of grammar. I’ve probably broken at least 3 of them in this paragraph alone.

I’ve learned in this life to never say never. I’ve also learned that if God places something on your heart, you would be wise to follow through with it. Let’s just say I’m not planning on quitting my day job (at least not to write a book) or schedule a book tour anytime soon. It’s fun to dream and talk about but it’s just that. It’s my book about nothing which, interestingly enough, is pretty much what this post is all about….

Until I come up with something to write about….