Gut check time guys. Much has been made of the 3 boyfriends that gave their lives shielding their girlfriends in the tragic shooting in Colorado last weekend (as well there should be). Remarkable stories of heroism in the midst of chaos and tragedy. These three guys were following what Mark Driscoll said so well a few years ago:

How about it guys? What say you? Would you do the same? Would you willingly give yourself up for your wife and children? As I sit comfortably in my home office, I easily say “yes”. Without hesitation, I say “yes”. Yet I wonder if in that moment, I have what it would take. Just being honest.

A few years ago we were at a cookout/pool party. At some point in the day, a child walked over to the pool and jumped in. It was immediately apparent that this child could not swim. He went straight to the bottom and showed no signs of surfacing. I stood there watching….frozen. The most I could offer was looking at the guy beside me and pointing and mumbling something. Frozen.

I’m happy to report that the guy beside me did have what it took. He immediately jumped in, grabbed the kid and pulled him safely out of the water. The child was fine and I still stood there. In that moment of bravery I stood there like the Heisman Trophy. Frozen. I’ll never forget it. I’m not sure how you train for a moment like that. I’m not sure where you charge up the bravery card, but I know if there was a way, I would be first in line. Hopefully if that ever happens again, I’m the guy jumping in the pool or shielding my wife and kids. It’s absolutely the right thing to do. It’s how it should be. It’s how it was meant to be.

25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her (Ephesians 5:25)