Man it’s good to have my wife home again. I’m not sure who those 9 days in Honduras had a greater impact on. While she was doing things which are eternal, I had the opportunity to evaluate things back here at home. One of the most often asked questions while she was gone was “how you holding up single Dad?” I think people probably had visions of kids swinging on chandeliers and rappelling from the loft with bed sheets. But if you know our kids, you probably know what I learned too…

Anyone could have done what I did last week. Thanks to the structure and the way my wife has “trained them up,” my kids were easy to take care of. 100% credit goes to my wife. Yet she would never accept it. She wouldn’t blog, tweet or facebook about it either. She has a humility that amazes me. I’ve always appreciated it, but after 9 days without her, I REALLY appreciated it.

We had an opportunity to have a date night before she left. As we talked over dinner, I could hear the heart of dreams still left to be discovered. I could see in her visions of achievements maybe some others have already accomplished. Her priorities have placed God first, family second and a list of various other things on numbers below those two. It’s only human to sometimes wonder if maybe the list should be reshuffled. Maybe a little something that gives a little fame goes higher. Maybe some spotlight on self would be nice every now and then.

Not my wife.

Not the humble ones.

Getting passed by can feel like a great injury. But it’s not. It’s people like us who can be secretly incredible and get the most done. That’s the way Jesus’ reverse economy works. God loves the humble ones, and the humble ones often don’t make it as first-round draft picks for the jobs with big titles or positions. But they always seem to be the first-round picks for God when He’s looking for someone to use in a big way.

-Bob Goff (Love Does)

As you can see by the picture above, not long after our date night discussion, God used my wife in a very powerful way. She built beds, roofs, confidence and character. She prayed with people that had never heard the Gospel. She changed the course of peoples eternity. She loved on people. She went. She did. While she was there, I spent the week with 3 children that reflect the heart of her sacrifices.

As I type this, I wonder if I’m not being a bit prideful in talking about her. If I am, I am. She deserves it. It’s what the humble ones never ask for but certainly should receive.