I continue to be amazed at the amount of people that have reached out in various ways to show support and offer assistance. Simply amazed. Since we’re kinda all in this thing together, I figured I would post an update of sorts. I never want to come off as crying on your collective shoulders or needy. I still feel almost a sense of relief. I still have peace. I just thought I would share various parts of the journey with you.

Yesterday I took some time to finally start hitting up the old job sites to see what’s available. It was a sad, sad moment. What you see above is what I stared at for I don’t even know how long. That word “what” and a blinking cursor. What do you do? What did you do? What is your expertise? What do you want to do? On and on and on. I sat there frozen. I had no idea where to even start. So I stared at that little box and got lost in the white space.

I posted my resume on my blog in case some billionaire stumbles on it and wants to pay me for some reason. What you’ll see is what I did for my previous employer wasn’t something common like “accountant” or “engineer” or “Chef”. I was the Director of an idea that was literally drawn up on a napkin in a bar. I took it from that and built it into a full blown program. I’m not sure how to enter that in said search box. So I sat there frozen.

There have been some hard realities over the first few days of searching and I’m coming to grips with them rather easily. So, I am going completely off the grid. I figure I have some time to dream and try new ideas. I’ve already sent some long shot emails just to see what happens. It’s all in Gods hands and timing. I just want to make sure I do my part to stay active in the process as well. Even if it means entering data in a search box.

Stay tuned….