I just said goodnight to all three kids. Tomorrow morning they embark on another school year. The summer of 2012 is officially over. I hate to be THAT guy, but I’m about to be. Last year I said I wouldn’t do it (I did anyway).  Hey, we’re all in this together so feel free to share your prayers over your children as well. Feel free to steal any of these if you’d like too. Here’s what I am praying for the school year ahead.

1. Each child by name – God knows every hair on their head. He certainly knows their journey this school year too. I’m praying for each one and their individual gifts, talents and abilities. I’m praying God will reveal himself through these gifts not only to them, but to those around them.

2. Their circle of influence – Piggybacking on the first item, I am praying for their circle of influence. I’m praying for those that they will influence and the ones that will influence them. So much of my life has been molded and shaped by the community around me. I’m praying there will be a powerful group of friends that carry them through this year. I pray they’ll lead in these circles from their individual places of strength.

3. Their teachers and administrators – It is really amazing when you think about how we hand the care of these children to someone that is doing what they feel called to do. I know our oldest began just about every sentence around our dinner table with “My teacher says…” last school year. Talk about influence…wow.

4. Their safety and protection – Again, I’m probably being THAT dad, but hey, I worry just like anyone else (okay…more than most). These are crazy times. Crazy things happen. Jesus be a protector on the way to school, in school and on the way home.

Tomorrow we let go of the handlebars again and release them into another year of learning, growing, making friends and gaining wisdom. If you’re a first timer, trust me, you’ll get through this. It’s a part of the process. You gotta “let that pony run“. Praying for your children tomorrow as well. If they attend school are homeschooled. I hope this year is one they will never forget.