One Week

One week ago our lives changed. 7 days. 168 hours. It’s amazing how you can look at one week from so many different angles. We often say that time flies, but I think your perspective on just how fast it goes depends on which end of the flight you’re on. For example…

One week to live

One week until the baby is due

One week from the test results

One week from the wedding

One week until school starts

One week until summer break

I find myself thinking “hey, it’s only been a week” and two minutes later saying “’s been a week already”. This is a process and I’m a guy that struggles with patience. It’s an area where I have been refined more than once. Obviously it’s an area which needs to be constantly refined. That’s how I am choosing to see this situation. There are lessons to be learned. There is refining which needs to take place. Each day is another opportunity to realize more about myself and lean into what God intended for the next 24 hours.

My guess is that you’re probably in the midst of a week too. Maybe it’s 7 days from something special. Maybe it’s 7 days from something you’re not looking forward to. Stay encouraged friends. Look for what these moments teach us because they are always teaching us something.

How can I pray for you this week?

6 thoughts on “One Week

      1. I am enjoying your blog because it seems our Paths have crossed at an important time. Feels like we are in a parallel universe and like you, I am going through a bit of a transformation, but unlike you I was not let go. I still have 2 jobs, doing what I love, but one is not enough time, and the other is my business which I have been pouring money into for several years and due to the economy it is not pouring into me, so while I continue to be busy with both, I am looking to either expand my schedule or replace something. I have applied to 3 jobs, one is my dream job, one I would love enough, one I REALLY don't want, but the money is good and it would be temporary. I am unsure what to do if the one who calls first, if at all, is not really what I want. So, you asked how you could pray for me, I am taking advantage and asking for God's guidance on what to do in that situation. I will continue to pray for you, too, as I feel like something big will come your way in its own time.


        Jennifer Higgins

      2. Wow Jennifer. You weren't kidding. We are on a similar path for sure. You can count on my praying for your decisions and clarity as to what is best. Awesome to have a dream job. I hope it can become THE job for you for sure. Appreciate your prayers and encouragement too.

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