I mentioned it in my previous post, but big milestone day in our home yesterday. Princess 2.0 learned to ride her bike without training wheels. It all happened in a blur. Thankfully I made it out the front door just in time to see her first ride. It was like catching the Wright Brothers first flight. Honestly. It was a very exciting moment. Being a guy…and a sports fan…I did what we all do…

I threw both of my arms in the air and cheered her victory.

There I stood in the driveway holding the touchdown stance with clinched fists. It was like she won Olympic gold (I was going to say “Tour de France” but given the developments this week, I thought better of it). I really didn’t think much about it until we drove to church and I heard her relive the moment while telling my wife about it.

I just started peddling and Dad cheered and threw his arms in the air like this…

I looked in the rearview mirror to see my littlest girl with both arms in the air while seated in her rocket seat. A huge smile ran across my face. As I drove the rest of the way to church, I was reminded how important our approval is. She was looking for her audience of one. It was the highlight of her moment. It was what she talked about rather than soaking in riding without training wheels for the first time. Take note Dads…they are seeking and wanting our approval. They need our cheers.

You and I are no different. If you realize it or not, we are all looking for our Heavenly Father to be standing there in the driveway – arms in the air – when we get finally get it. It could be your career, your struggle, your goals in life. We want to look up and see that audience of One celebrating the moment. It’s what we’ll remember far beyond the moment itself. Guess what…He’s already there. Even if the training wheels are still on. He’s giving you His approval. You are earning the victory stance. Keep peddling friends. Keep peddling.