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The Larger Story

Each day as I read over the 30 Days Prayer, a new sentence seems to jump out at me. I actually have come to expect this from the few minutes I spend reading it. It’s almost like a “theme for the day”. Todays theme was simple – “Show me where the larger story is unfolding”. I carried that thought with me to an appointment this morning. The meeting was relatively uneventful but again, maybe there’s a larger story unfolding. As I walked to my car, I read through my emails on my phone and noticed I had a blogger assignment from my friends at Compassion International.

I am so honored to participate with other bloggers in Blog Month for Compassion. I’ve been waiting for my first assignment so the excitement of receiving it took some of the sting out of the meeting I was leaving. It also brought perspective. It showed me a larger story. Be careful what you pray for because you just might get it….

I might not have a job, but I have hope.

I’m currently unemployed but we’ve got food in the pantry and means to still provide.

I don’t have a 9 to 5er, but I can walk my kids to school every morning and pick them up in the afternoon.

They have schools. We have “stuff”. We are blessed beyond measure.

There are others that are not as fortunate. Thus the larger story for today. Would you consider taking a few minutes and visiting the Compassion International Sponsor a Child Landing page? I promise there are no strings attached (unless a heart string gets pulled). You can simply visit the page.

See the faces.

Pray over them.

Pray for their protection

Pray for a sponsor for each one.

If you feel so moved, the information and resources are available to also sponsor a child. I promised no strings attached so you are in no way committed. I’m just making the ask for you to visit and commit to praying for these children. That’s all. The goal of the Compassion International Bloggers is to see 3,108 children find sponsorship. That’s a lofty goal but God is a big God. If you make the click over, thanks for doing so.

Visit the Compassion Sponsorship Page (HERE)

“Show me where the larger story is unfolding….” -30 Days Prayer (John Eldredge)


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  • ®yan G®ammatico (@ryangrammatico) · September 4, 2012

    “Show me where the larger story is unfolding”—This has been the most recurring theme for me as I have been praying and watching life unfold through a new lens. Love that it hit you in the car and that you were open to hearing.

    • Aaron · September 4, 2012

      New lens indeed. I can say, with confidence, I would have left that meeting this morning cheesed and frustrated. It’s no attempt to push the 30 Days Prayer, but it set my mind right before I walked in that meeting and kept my perspective where it needed to be afterwards. Timing is everything and Gods timing continues to be perfect. Glad we’re sharing the journey my friend.

  • Lynda Weiss · September 4, 2012

    Loved reading this, Aaron. After Pastor Chad spoke on generosity a couple of weeks ago the Spirit urged us to sponsor a second child thru Compassion. Such an amazing organization, doing wonderful things in Jesus’ name.
    I want you to know that you have made a difference in my life. Your writing and how you are dealing with your current challenges and your faith have been an inspiration to me. So blessed to have met you.

    • Aaron · September 4, 2012

      Thank you Lynda! Was so glad to meet you in real life (as they say). I’m also so glad you decided to join the 30 Days Prayer community. I have a feeling we may see things continue on long after the 30 Days (I’ve got some ideas :) ). Thank you for sponsoring a child. We sponsor 2 of them as well. It’s the least we can do. I appreciate all of your encouragement and kind words. It really is special to know so many are praying. On the journey…..

  • mudpuppy · September 4, 2012


    You may have mentioned this already elsewhere, but I’ve been thinking about work you and others have put into this 30 day challenge, as well as the momentum it has gathered, and wondered if we should make it a perpetual challenge/prayer. We could have different prayers each 30 days (or month).

    I have personally been praying a specific prayer every morning for months that has blessed me tremendously. I can only imagine it would bless others as well. Your challenge came along at a perfect time for me as I was starting to wonder if my prayer was getting too monotonous and I was simply going through the motions at this point.

    Just some brainstorming… :)

    • Aaron · September 4, 2012

      We are cut from the same cloth my friend. I too have been thinking the same. I wanted to let this one “breath” for a few weeks and take a pulse. Based on the launch and continued growth, I would say there is certainly a possibility to continue forward as a community. I too have another prayer lined up for another 30 days (it IS by Max Lucado :) ). Would love to see the one you have used as well. The Prayer of Jabez is also pretty amazing. There are endless possibilities. It’s probably why I reserved the URL today too. :) Just thinking next steps. Let’s circle back in a week or so and pulse the group. I am 100% in favor as I have been praying in the morning and throughout the day, like I have never prayed before. Love the idea!

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