For 3 weeks now I have received the same question and feedback regarding employment. The feedback has been “I don’t understand exactly what it is that you did” and the question has been “what do you want to do now”. Good feedback, better question. On July 7, 2011 I wrote the post below. It was at a moment of clarity. I can say, without question, that these things have not changed. As a matter of fact, I believe the feeling only got stronger the longer my career in Corporate America went on.

So if you read this old post below and know what title to give that, I’m all ears. If you’ve got the perfect job for this description, I’m your guy. However I trust that God has this all in His control. He’s had it in His control since the day he created me and the day that he etched it on my heart. It’s in my wiring. It’s how I was pre-programmed. Now I just need a place to let it all happen.

Here’s what I posted July 7, 2011 – 

I want to spend my days working for a greater cause.

I want to rise knowing what I will do that day moved whomever I am doing it for a little closer to a greater goal.

I want to lead the charge to take a hill.

I want to lead with integrity and not lose my soul doing it.

I want what I am doing and what I am leading to, in some way, change the world.

I don’t want titles or accolades.

I don’t want credit or glory.

I simply want to advance the Kingdom.

Now lets GO!!