Before you look at the image and think this is anti-Obama or pro-Romney or anti-Romney or pro-Obama I will quickly tell you that it is none of the above. This isn’t about right wing, left wing, religious, anti-religious, gay, straight, black, white, muslim, Christian or jew. This is a simple observation and nothing more. If you’re going to leave some political commentary in the comments….don’t. If you’re going to throw out all of this conspiracy stuff you read on Facebook….don’t. If you think I’m voting one way or another…don’t. Okay…now let’s get to this post.

I watched both conventions. I was compelled by the leadership that both the Republican and Democratic party ran out on their stages. I am amazed at the ability to communicate and the leadership that oozes from both the Presidential candidate and the current President. Love them or hate them, you have to at least respect that they can both speak and speak well. As I walked towards the TV to turn it off at the end of President Obamas speech last night, one thought came to mind….

Where have you been?

4 years ago, this man inspired a country that was deeply wounded. I know, I know….we still are. I think that’s the point I am trying to make. We need to hear from our leader like we did last night. If it’s Romney, if it’s Obama, we need leadership. Leaders stand, even in the rubble and awaken the American spirit to do more, do better, fight, and overcome. The speech I heard last night and the one I heard last week both inspired me. Think about it for a minute, they were speaking directly to me..

I’m middle class

I’m unemployed

I’m worried about the future of my home, my job and my benefits.

I believe it would do this country a great service to have its leader (whomever it is) lead like the two men did the past 2 weeks. It can’t all be speeches, but we need to hear from them. Leadership is at it’s strongest when it’s heard and not just seen. We don’t need big stages and filled arenas. Leaders need to be heard from. We need to know why we’re pushing that rock every day. Speeches won’t solve the worlds problems, but they do ignite a drive in the listener. And that is something we can all benefit from.