A couple of quick disclaimers here. First, I have three kids under the age 12. Second, kids under the age of 12 like popular music. Third, I like popular music. Forth, we all like Kelly Clarkson. There….I said it. We do. We’re fans. Princess 1.0 actually says this is her favorite song. So the other day I was driving and really heard this song. Now I can’t stop noodling on it. It’s too good not to share.

Powerful isn’t it? There is something so true about her words. I have been reminded of this truth over and over again recently. While I’ll never understand it, and certainly am not bragging, I often receive emails, tweets or facebook notes calling this blog “inspirational.” It surprises me every single time. Sometimes I think…”if they only knew about that dark side.” Friends, I struggle too. I seek inspiration and something to escape from myself more often than I admit. As Kelly said…

Everybody’s got a dark side

Can you love me?

Can you love mine?

Everybody’s got a dark side.

It’s that place that you don’t want anyone to know about.

It’s that thing that is haunting and you’re so afraid “if they only knew.”

Everybody’s got a dark side and I’m one of them too.

But here’s what I want every single person that may stumble on this post to know…

I care about you.

Even with your dark side.

I won’t run away

We’re in this together.

All of us.

I care about YOU.

Even WITH your dark side.

I promise you.

You’re worth it. I KNOW you’re worth it.

Even with your dark side.

If I can be an encouragement to you today or if I can share in your struggle, please, please, please contact me. My email is aaron@aaronconrad.com. You can reach me on twitter – @aaronconrad. You can connect with me on Facebook. Don’t walk this alone. Don’t fight your dark side alone. Share the journey.

I’ll help carry your mat.

How Can I Pray For You Today?