It’s hard to believe, but we’ve reached our final assignment for Compassion Bloggers month. With 2,006 sponsorships I would say that the initiative has been a success. However we still need 1,102 to make our goal. This weeks assignment is to write a letter to “imagine you’ve switched places with your sponsored child and write about the shock, stress and adjustments you have to make.” This is a tough one. I won’t lie. Below is my attempt to put this into words.

Do You See Me?

I know you don’t know me, but do you see me? Do you know I’m here? As you rise in the morning to a warm home and shelter, do you think of where I spent my night? As your children prepare for school, do you ponder my education and where it might come from? Each day you busy yourself with what must be done, I find a way to simply survive. As you read updates from friends on facebook and twitter, do you ever pause to pray for those of us in silence? Can you imagine a world where we don’t have these “extras”?

I wonder if my face crossed your mind as you read about this challenge on your latest iPhone. What were your thoughts when you read that 4 million new iPhones were sold last week? Did you think of me? Did you remember us? I understand if you didn’t. I know it must be tough. You live in a place where the latest and shiniest get your attention. The desire to have so much drives out the memories of those with so little. The constant noise of “more” creates a hunger which cannot be satisfied.

It’s okay though. I’ll tell you why…..

Though we have nothing, we have it all. While I will never own the many things you have been blessed with, I don’t fight the constant distraction of wanting them. My needs are simple and in that, I am blessed. Your sponsorship has afforded me more than I can ever achieve here on my own. I am not alone. Others here need sponsors. Through your giving, I know you see me.

Do you see them too?