I cannot begin the post without stating how remarkable the last few days have been. When I wrote a post about my friend from high school, I never anticipated a response like I’ve witnessed. This isn’t about my blog. It’s not about my writing. It’s a direct response to the magnitude of what my friend Shawn means to people. He is well loved. Yet something tells me he has no idea just how much.

We’ve got to get to him.

I also need to put out a blanket “thank you” for every single person that has offered to help. We’ve gotten closer to details and for that, I’m thankful. With that, here’s what we know….

Shawn was arrested and released back in November. Several people have been reaching out to local contacts trying to see if we could find him in shelters and halfway houses with little to no success. We did find out that he has a court date on January 16th at 9am. Assuming this court date doesn’t change, this might have been the only chance I had to meet with him.

Yet the story has taken another turn….

I just found out this morning that Shawn has again been arrested (January 2nd to be specific). Out of respect for him, I am not posting the latest mugshot. He is currently being held at the Miami-Dade County Correctional Facility. While we now know where he is, the reality is that he could be released again. Particularly if there is overcrowding of the facility. As of this morning, that is the most recent information.

I know some wonder why go to all the lengths to get to him? I known I’m a dreamer, but I firmly believe that one need we all have is the need for hope. My best guess is that Shawn is in a pattern right now and doesn’t know the remarkable amount of people that still believe in him. He needs to know the hope we all have for him. He’s a fighter. I leave you with two quotes from Bob Goff

You don’t need a plan; you just need to be present.

I used to want to fix people but now I just want to be with them.