Apparently I’m not the only guy sick of dropping major coin on my Mach III blades. I’m also not the only guy that has considered trying out It’s also clear that because I have a lot of real estate to shave, I would be a good test subject for all of my friends on facebook and twitter. Let’s just say I got more than a few “let me know how it goes” messages. So, because you asked, here’s my review after day one.

I ordered my blades 3 days ago and they arrived as promised. I went with the $1 package which ended up being $3 per month with shipping and handling. As promised, the initial package arrived with a brand new handle (plastic, but who cares), 5 blades, a membership card and a business card. I love their entire marketing campaign. It’s fun and dude friendly. Since it was 1:00pm on a Saturday and I was still in my PJ’s, I figured why not give it a test run and get dressed (in that order of course).

The blades obviously don’t feel like the $800 Mach III but it was a nice close shave. The $1 shaver has 2 blades but you can upgrade to a more expensive package with more blades if you so wish. Since I’m cheap, I figured let’s start at the $1 and see how it goes. I’m pleased with the results. One other note is you can actually opt to go REAL cheap and have them ship blades every other month which would be a total cost of $12 per year. You can’t get a package of single blade Bic’s for that price! So, here’s the low down:


  1. Savings
  2. Ease of shipping to the house
  3. Shaves well
  4. Free handle
  5. Even worked on my unibrow (don’t judge me)
  6. It did what it was supposed to.


  1. It didn’t give me MORE hair, but maybe it’ll be there when I wake up.
  2. Not sure what else it could have done besides what it was supposed to.

* 4/12 UPDATE!! Now that I’ve been using my razors from for over a month, here’s a quick follow up. I recently upgraded to the 4 blade plan to give it a try. Total cost was $6/mo. The handle is metal and the overall feel of the razor is much stronger. There is nothing wrong with the $1/mo plan. I actually went several weeks before changing blades and only used 2 the entire month. I just wanted to try the 4 blade for a smoother shave.

**UPDATE 2 – Just used the 4 blade ($6/mo) for the first time and it might be the best shave I’ve ever had. No exaggeration. Do yourself a favor and upgrade to that one. Well worth it. No shipping and handling on that either. Just $6/mo. Awesome.

So there you have it. I give it a full thumbs up. Give it a try. What have you got to lose? You can sign up for the – HERE.