JAckie-Robinson-gravestone4When I was a senior in college, 2 of my close friends were killed instantly in a car accident. It was devastating. Not only were they close friends, they were both incredibly popular on our small campus. On the night of their visitations, we got lost and arrived 15 minutes before it was to end. As we got closer to the funeral home, we noticed a line that stretched out of the building, around the corner and around the block. I will never, ever, forget that scene. It was a visual representation of the impact of a single life.

“A life is not important except the impact it has on other lives.” -Jackie Robinson

Major League Baseball marks the legacy of Jackie Robinson by declaring today Jackie Robinson Day. I’m sure you are all well aware of his story. Today I focus on that quote above. I remember my friend who lived this quote. While he had every reason to be the BMOC (Big Man on Campus), he chose to be kind to all that met him. He treated every single person he knew with the same respect. He left an impact. He lived the impact.

What we say matters.

How we honor others matters.

How we respect others matters.

The way we treat others matters.

You matter.

They matter.

No matter your sphere of influence (and we ALL have one), your words and actions leave an impact. The question then becomes, what kind of impact are you leaving?

Words spoken by kind people have the ability to endure in our lives. -Bob Goff (Love Does)

Let me challenge you this week to consider your words. Consider your influence. Consider  your impact.

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  1. My favorite part of this email:

    your words and actions leave an impact. The question then becomes, what kind of impact are you leaving?

    I’m always trying to explain this to my kids. This is the perfect way yo state it. Its so true. Im also reminding them that you cannot judge people as you do not know what is going on in their lives. Are they mean to people? maybe they have a rough home life and have a lot of anger. Theres so much to remind them as they grow up!

    Your posts are always inspiring. You’re such a good writer Aaron. Thanks for always sharing.


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    1. Thanks Nikki! Knowing what I know about your boys, you are doing just fine. Love those boys and your family. Thank you for the encouragement to me as well. Made my day.

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