Today I cursed the people that planted thorn bushes around our home.

Today I called about refinancing my mortgage.

Today I hit my head on a shed in the backyard.

Today I worried about my health probably more than I should have.

Today we told our gymnast daughter that it might be the end of her career in gymnastics.

Today I stressed over pending job interviews and future decisions.

Then I turned on the TV.

Today entire neighborhoods are gone.

Today people lost homes, cars, things and people they loved.

Today people suffered injuries far worse than a bump on their head.

Today 51 people lost their lives, none of them woke up thinking that would happen.

Today two schools were completely destroyed. Last I heard 20 of the 51 people that were killed were children.

Today people are holding on to one another thankful that they have that, even if nothing else.

Today I gained perspective.

Today hurt but not for any of the reasons that happened before I turned on that TV.

Today I mourn and pray for Oklahoma.

If you feel led to give to a relief organization, I personally recommend Samaritan’s Purse.