T143XOn Monday I attended the funeral of my grandfather. Actually, he was my step-grandfather (I think that’s what you call it). He was my moms step-dad but I always knew him as “grandpa.” There are a number of ways I can take this post, but I’m going to focus on one simple thing, but it’s a big one….

The Pastor that performed the service didn’t know my grandfather. That in and of itself is worth a post or two. It also was my first clue that we didn’t know if my grandfather lived a life of faith. For those that are believers, that also means we don’t know where he will spend eternity. I wish I could make that statement a little more softly, but it’s a reality. A harsh reality. 

The service was, at times, awkward. Depending on your view of eternity, it was actually rather sad. This elderly Pastor told stories he had only learned the night before while interviewing various people that came to the visitation (again, worthy of a post all its own). He did his best to paint a picture quite honestly without a whole lot of colors and a very small brush. He also did his best to explain that “no one knows the heart of another person. No one knows my heart, your heart or Lee’s (my grandfather) heart. That’s where we lean into grace.”

I can’t tell you about my grandfathers faith. I know he had that famous picture of Jesus on a wall in their home. Maybe he was just quiet about it. I don’t know. The Pastor did a very good job of walking through a message of salvation. He used this awkward moment as an opportunity to avoid future ones. He did his best. He really, really did. As I carried the casket along with the 5 other pallbearers, I couldn’t help but keep thinking the same thing over and over again…

Live your life in a way that leaves no doubt

I don’t know who’ll read this. I don’t know what your beliefs are. I just know that I drove home thinking, hoping, praying that when my day comes, there is no doubt. It maybe morbid, but I hope my day comes with celebration and not whispers. I hope there are stories and not questions. I mean no disrespect to my grandfather. I hope he is at peace and in heaven. I also hope as I walk this journey of my life

I leave no doubt.