I’ve often said that there are 4 chambers in my heart and each is occupied by a special city. The first three chambers are filled with Nashville, Charlotte and Columbus. That 4th chamber has and will always be reserved for none other than Cleveland, Ohio. Make all the jokes about it you want, it’s my hometown and I’ll always be proud of it. People often talk about the weather in Cleveland, but I will say that what we do is weather storms. We always make a comeback and we’ll be there no matter how many times we get knocked around. I love me some Cleveland.

A few years ago, The Cleveland Indians embraced the social media craze and opened up a suite for fans of the team. This invite-only opportunity was a way to give back to the fans while gaining social media credibility and advertising. Progressive Field now features 2 social media suites. One suite is for fans and one is for families. It’s been an honor every year to be their guest in the first suite and this year, my whole “Tribe” experienced the Family Social Suite together.

From the moment you walk in the suite, the Indians have thought of everything, especially for a family. There were coloring pages, toys, dry erase boards, chalk boards and an air conditioned suite complete with TV’s. The girls quickly found their way to making crafts and letting their creative juices flow. The rest of us made our way out to the seats outside the suite to watch an Indians victory. Throughout the evening, we were greeted by various guests that included ketchup, mustard and Miss Onions. The big moment came when Indians Mascot Slider dropped in for some pictures and hugs. Prior to his visit, Princess 1.0 had made him a special card which he accepted and kept.

The grand finale of the evening was being escorted to the visitor dugout for a fireworks show set to the music of U2. We grabbed a couple of quick photos before it started and then soaked in the moment. We may have even dreamed of what it would be like to watch “50” play on that field one day too. It’s nice to have dreams and it’s even better when those dreams come in a place so near and dear to your heart.

Thank you Indians for another great evening. You’ve made lasting memories for my family and I. No matter where we roam, Cleveland will always be “home” and the Indians will always be our team. Go Tribe!

THIS also happened last night. So cool we got to see it.