Wedding-Cake-Toppers-cake-topper-wedding-cake-decorationA few weeks ago we attended two weddings in two days. I kinda dig weddings. Actually my favorite part (and I gave it away in the title) is watching the grooms face when his bride appears at the door. At both weddings, I watched as the groom smiled from ear to ear and even got misty eyed. There are a lot of great moments in weddings, but that one is the one I enjoy the most.

Because I was once that groom

Because I remember that moment

Because it’s a moment when nothing else matters

All of the “stuff” that went into putting the big day together doesn’t matter. The other however-many-people that are there don’t matter. What song is playing, what people are wearing, what colors were chosen, none of it matters. All that matters at that moment is seeing your bride coming down that aisle. It’s the moment you’ve waited for. It’s the moment that everything has led up to.

And you can see it all over the grooms face.

As I watched both of the weddings, I was challenged by how often I have that same anticipation and moment now that we’re all married and stuff. My wife and I actually joked later that married people should have to get married again after like 5 years because now they REALLY know what their getting into. I felt myself doing some soul searching to make sure that I still have that moment no matter how many years go by. No matter what has happened or what our journey has been. I hope I never lose that moment or that memory.

On the return flight from our honeymoon many years ago, the man sitting in the seat beside ours said nothing the entire flight. As we approached the gate, he finally spoke up.

Him: “You guys on your honeymoon?”

Us: “Yep, just getting back.”

Him: “When you walk through that tunnel and into the airport, nothing will ever be the same.”

Us: “Um, okay?”

As we walked up the runway towards the light of the airport, he slowly walked behind us yelling “Don’t Do It!!! It’s Over!!! Don’t Do It!!!”

He must have been a groom once too. Maybe he knew how hard it is to capture that moment and hold onto it as the years go by and the storms of life challenge each marriage. He was right. It hasn’t ever been the same. But that doesn’t mean its been bad. Next time you watch or attend a wedding, take a look at that grooms face. Then set your compass to that day for you too.

Fellas, let’s be men that never forget that moment and do our best to make sure our marriage always has the joy of the grooms face.